Worship Arts

Worship Arts

Our Sunday Morning Worship Services are more than singing and a sermon. They are the one time each week we set aside to gather as a whole community, not defined by age, spiritual experiences, ethnicity, or anything other than the call of God on our lives: the call to connect, consecrate, proclaim, give, and receive.

That’s the beauty of worship. It is not a performance by others, intended to hold our attention. It is our active proclamation (of who God is, who we are, and what it means to live in His Kingdom) and genuine response (adoration, confession, thanksgiving, surrender, and more) to God that gives Him the credit He is due. Our students and children are a part of our worship services, not just because we want them to “stay in church” when they’re older. They ARE as much the church as we ARE, God’s Kingdom belongs to them (Luke 18:16).

The song selection in our worship services include a historical continuity and fresh variety of songs, showing no favoritism to one generation over another. We highlight newer hymns, songs, and arrangements in order to create common-ground experiences with those who have recently begun worshiping with us. We are open to any style of music that fosters participation in congregational singing, and any lyrics that accurately express Biblical truth and our response to it.

Worship Arts Ministry Teams

Equipping God’s People to Serve

Worship Choir
All those who regularly worship at South Hills are invited to sing in the Worship Choir. Our aim is to lead the congregation (the most important choir) to respond to the glory of God. We welcome anyone, age 15 and up to rehearse with us at 7:15 pm on Wednesdays in room 100. During this time, we prepare new congregational worship songs and choir anthems to be sung on Sunday mornings. Music reading ability is helpful, but certainly not required. There is no audition, and you may show up and join at any time!

Please contact Aaron for more information or to express your interest
in serving as a part of any of the following Worship-Arts Ministry Teams…

Worship Band
The purpose of the South Hills Worship Band is to enhance and unify the singing of God's people, in a supporting role, as they lift their voices to God in worship and proclaim His character and the gospel message. We help lead worship every Sunday morning, rehearsing on Wednesday evenings at 8:30 pm and Sunday mornings at 8:00 am. Auditions are required. Band musicians are scheduled in a rotation.

AV Team
Our Audio-Visual Team serves to amplify and enhance the work of the worship ministers who serve from the platform. Our goal is for every person present to hear, see, and understand what is being communicated, so that they may genuinely respond in a way that honors God and impacts the Kingdom. Our computer-slide and sound production teams serve in a rotation. We are constantly seeking and training volunteers and currently need more workers to assist in The Loft (Student Ministry Worship Space).

Handbell Choir
Romans 12:4-5 says “Just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we who are many form one body.” The SHBC Handbell Choir is acutely aware of this concept, not only as it applies to the Body of Christ, but also to the playing of handbells. Each member of this ministry has an important role to play in each piece of music we play. We have seasonal rehearsals on Sunday afternoons, 1:30-2:45 p.m.

Live Out Loud - Drama Team
Everyone likes to be entertained. Live Out Loud does our best to take the congregation from a place of spectatorship to active engagement. Drama can be a great tool to illustrate and apply God's word to everyday life. Dramatic principles can also be used to present Scripture readings. We generally practice 3-4 weeks before each memorized drama skit. We are currently looking for drama ministry leaders.

For information about our Student Worship Team, please contact our Student Pastor, Andy Carroll.

For information about SHINE and other children’s ministries that involve music and arts, please visit the Children’s Ministry Page.